Saturday, August 14, 2010

"See The Light"

"ah the games that we play
and the price that we pay
for public lies
and secret lives

always consequence
never recompense
the fool will fail and be exposed
the wise will veil and decompose

but no one can hide for very long
for what's wrong with wrong? it's always wrong

we work so hard to be deceptive
but why can't we just be receptive
to striving just as hard
with our being - every part

to have...

an honest heart
an open mind
a humble spirit
a word that's kind
a love that lasts
a faith that holds
a grace that's real
a truth that's bold
with compassion in abundance
with patience that is long
taking time to listen
not scared to sing a song
discover peaceful sleep
and strength to face the day
a quiet place to meditate
to pause, to praise, to pray

why on earth can't this be
a normal way of life?
i guess the answer's not in me
i need to see the Light"

(c) - LMB 6/4/2010

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