Saturday, September 11, 2010

Red Sun Farm

Those of you who know Erin and I know that we are very conscientious about the food that we buy. Most of what we buy is organic. We spend a little extra money and a little extra time going to different places to get it, but the quality is as God intended - be it vegetables, meat, fruits, dairy, etc. But not everything that says organic is organic. You have to do your homework. Most manufacturers of organic products meet the very base requirements of what that means. But there are a lot of great brands out there doing it right. I wanted to take the time to introduce you to one that is local - Red Sun Farm. Since 1793 this Loveland, OH farm has been doing this the right way when it comes to organic crops and meats. All of their food is grown without chemicals, drugs or hormones. Animals are grass fed and roam on a free range. I've posted about what that means in weeks past when briefly mentioning the documentary Food, Inc. - which shows what most Americans eat these days, and how the food gets to them in such horrible, unhealthy, inhumane ways. It's amazing to think that just a couple generations ago our country thrived on what was rightly produced by farms such as Red Sun. Now it's all about corporate greed and the high cost of low prices from places like Walmart. It's a shame, but we won't have anything to do with it.

When you go to Red Sun, you'll be blown away at how beautiful it is. It's like stepping back in time. It's set off of Loveland Avenue in the country. It's a gorgeous drive. When you get there you'll see their black barn on the left as you pull into the circular driveway. You can park, get out and go in their little store. You will find shelves stocked with all natural and organic products - eggs, cheeses, poultry, beef, pork, honey, jams, breads - you name it. And what's great about it is - most of the time they have an honor system on how you pay. They are not always in the shop. There's a box for you to slip your money or check when checking out your items. There's a mason jar with coin and bills for making change. And there's a notebook for you to right down your name, the date, what you purchased with the dollar amount, a tally, what you paid with (and left in the "Honor Box"), and the change that you made. That's all there is to it, but that's not really all there is to it. It's wonderful. It's old fashioned. It's honorable. It's right. And you leave feeling good that you helped some folks making the right choices with how they do business, and you'll be surprised to find that their prices are often better than even a grocery store like Whole Foods and Kroger. When you're done with your shopping and talking to caring, like-minded people you will no doubt meet in the store, you can walk the grounds a bit and appreciate their animals and grounds and how they take care of it all. I've always had a dream to have a little spread like that. I don't know if it will happen, but I do know that my wife and I will always support places like Red Sun Farm, and hopefully you will too. Why don't you make it a fun little trip? Historic Loveland has many great little shops and eateries and it's only five or so minutes away from the farm. Have lunch and then go shopping at Red Sun. You won't be disappointed and I guarantee you will go back again and again.

Additional Information:
They are located at
10995 Grog Run Road
Loveland, Ohio 45140


Web Site:

lance brewer music now streaming on blog!!!

I finally found a way to get this done. Found a nice streaming player that plays playlists on blog sites - called Podbean. Worth a "look-see" if you're in need of a nice player for your site as well. There's also a mini player which will allow me to post demo's I'm working on. Looking forward to it now that my studio is finally up at the house! Will post a demo called "Back Home" soon. Working on a song lyric write now called "Nellie Yost." Anyway, thanks for checking out my music. Enjoy!

my blog got a makeover

with the leaves starting to turn signifying the changing of seasons, it seemed time for a change to my blog - a makeover so to speak. i have been very busy the last couple of weeks between work, church, and traveling. it's time i got back to my writing. i will be writing soon on "do you want to see how strong your marriage is?"

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