Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What If It Was Your Home?

How much thought have you given to the BP oil disaster? How much prayer for the people affected by the worst oil spill in our nations history? This has really weighed on me. I feel like there is little I can do, and this frustrates me. But I write about it almost every day. One company's greed and irresponsibility is costing lives, livelihood, with billions of dollars being paid by the pensions of innocent people. 11 workers lost their lives in the initial explosion. Another man committed suicide today. Not to mention the tragedy of the wildlife being devastated by this symbol of corporate, government, and consumer greed. I'm all about a business being successful, but not at the expense of ethics and responsibility. I'm all for government aid during a crisis like this, but not in the form of a shakedown. What a cluster.

It is really hard for us to enter in to a situation like this - to understand, because we are not there. It is not affecting most of us (yet). But what if it was your home - my home? What if you could visualize this in a more personal way? Well a website has dedicated itself to just that.

I challenge you to go there for a visit. First, look at the map chronicling the spread of the oil spill in the gulf as it currently stands. Then, type in your address, and see just how much your home and surrounding communities would be affected by this disaster. It is sobering. Observe:

(The Gulf)

(My home)

What if it was your home?

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