Friday, June 18, 2010

Jump In

Recently I came across an amazing video showing the world famous French free-diver Guillaume Nery who decided to base jump into Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas (which is the second deepest blue hole in the world at a depth of 663 feet to the ocean floor). To be fair he currently holds the world record for constant weight free diving (which is diving without fins) to a depth of 370 feet. So he's really good at this sort of thing, but it was impressive nevertheless. Although he doesn't reach the bottom, it is still breathtaking to watch the video footage of him walking from the beach until he gets completely underwater as he finally approaches the edge of the blue hole. Then he jumps and descends with his girlfriend and fellow diver French champion Julie Gautier capturing it all with some very creative video footage. You have to check it out. Really great stuff.

I couldn't help but think about faith as I watched this. It seems like as Christians there will always be blue holes that we come across. Obstacles that we need to face. Challenges that we need to overcome. Decisions that we need to make. A deep, dark abyss of the unknown. But we have to have faith because God knows, and He often leads us to such points in our life for a reason. We need to have faith in Him. We must have faith in the tools we have been given - the Word of God; prayer; the Holy Spirit; the church - so much is available to not only prepare us for such moments, but to get us through them. But the only way we will get through is to jump in. Trust God who sovereignly moves in our lives in every circumstance that we face - the good, the bad, the unknown. And when we do take that leap of faith we may be surprised at the unexpected beauty that we find. And He will always bring us back up for air - better for having faced and overcome the unknown - glorifying God for it. And it becomes a testimony to all about the wonder of having come to the brink, taking the plunge, and finding that God had beauty and purpose through it all.

If you're on the brink right now facing a blue hole of uncertainty - perhaps in your marriage, or your job, or your health - whatever the unknown is right now for you - jump in. Have faith. Trust God. There is unexpected beauty to be found and God will be glorified through it all.

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