Saturday, June 12, 2010

the family that eats together...

erin and i have always been great at being "together" when we do things - be it cooking, cleaning, yard work, etc. but none of these things allow for deliberate focus on each other - conversation, listening, being in the moment with my spouse/family. when it comes to dinner we almost always would make it together, but then go turn the tv on to watch "chopped" or something else - with very little being said between us. 

growing up, my family always ate together. it would often start with helping with the meal preparation. we each had our part in this. mine was setting the table. then we would sit down and hold hands and dad would pray. this would be followed by enjoying the always excellent meal mom prepared. and we would talk, listen, laugh - whatever. but the point is - we were together as a family.

i recently read this in an article online, "'s fast-paced world is taking a significant bite out of the family dinner hour. A survey conducted this year for ConAgra Foods found 40 percent of American families eat dinner together three times a week at best, with 10 percent never eating dinner together." (The Colorado Springs Gazette, Sept. 18th, 2003 by Bill Radford)

erin and i have decided that dinner time is family time. not only will we make dinner together, and clean up afterward - we will set the dinner table, and eat. catch up. listen. laugh. share. whatever the moment brings. to me - this is all part of the recipe for a happy marriage and family.

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