Monday, June 14, 2010

another reason not to like soccer (football for those across the pond)

one word - vuvuzela. or lepatata if you prefer. or simply - stadium horn. a three foot by three inch long blow horn. that's like the size of a small child, and if you can believe it, even noisier. no matter what it's called it's the most annoying sound in the world. don't believe me? have a you believe me. it sounds like a cow bellowing out in a monotone wail of pain.

i tried to be a good sport today at lunch and tuned in to a world cup match on espn between japan and - i don't remember and it doesn't matter. simply put, i mashed the channel up button on the remote control as if my eternal security depended on it to get to good old sportscenter (bumped to espn 2). even argentine footballer (soccer player for the lay person) lionel andres messi had this to say, "it's impossible to communicate. it's like being deaf." well, if you're not deaf going into the stadium, there's a reasonable chance of leaving the stadium in that condition after your team wins or loses. that is, if you don't get trampled first. which, by the way, indicates what? that your team won or lost? i can't remember. or maybe it's both. but i digress. here is an article that explores this topic a little deeper if you care to know.

now - for those of you football - um, i mean - soccer lovers out there, i'm really just giving you and your beloved sport (the most beloved in the world by the way) a hard time. but for my money, give me the nfl anyday. and leave the vuvuzela's at home people.

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